Installing and configuring HA Azure Pack Websites – part II

Welcome back on part 2 of the blog series for installing highly available Azure Pack Websites Cloud.

Part I: Introduction and installing the first servers
Part II Adding secondary Website Controller
Part III: Adding Website Front Ends and Publishers
Part IV: Adding Website Worker Roles
Part V: Post configuring Azure Pack Websites

In the first blog post we looked at the overview of Azure Pack Websites Cloud and started the installation on the first website controller, management and file server. After that we configured the second management server and created a NLB for the URL we used to connect Azure Pack to this Websites Cloud. In this post we are going to configure the secondary website controller. Logon to the secondary Website controller (MS-WCT02). Download and install the Web Platform installer from

Download this zip file (remove .txt for renaming it to zip) for the scripts to add the secondary controller. Extract and Copy these scripts on your desktop

Next open an elevated PowerShell and run the following command:

It will start installing all the prerequisites and installs the secondary controller node:

If you run this in a workgroup as I do and got an error on the end like this:

This is because in a workgroup you need to use HTTPS for remote PowerShell. I did it the easy way and allowed all hosts as trusted hosts:

Open PowerShell and type the following commands

You might have noticed in the script above that we run the ps1 instead of the cmd file because i only need the last part from the entire script to run again (started it again where it failed):

And the second controller has been added. Stay tuned for the next posts!