Public Speaking

Public speaking… Its been always a passion for me to get on stage and share the things I love to do and talk about it (or even better… demo it!) I started back in 2015 at small user group with my first session. Later that year Expertslive Netherlands, a breakout session and a closing keynote with over 1000 people was my next challenge to talk about and demonstrate realtime Tesla data using Azure Services. End 2016 I started with some colleagues the #AzureStackOnTour where we traveled all over the world to teach Azure Stack before it even was released in September 2017. So you can conclude that I love to teach and speak in public and have below the following sessions ready to present for your conference or group. Please contact me directly via LinkedIn, or Twitter if you have any questions regarding any of the sessions or want to have me speaking on other topics on request.

And i also have my sessions listed at