Reset (Re-Subscribe) Edge Transport Server

I rebuilt my domain controller and my Exchange server,
but I hadn’t touched my Edge Transport Server hanging around out there in the
DMZ. Before continuing with my Exchange configuration, I thought I’d better
create a new Edge server or somehow wipe it clean and then continue with the
Exchange configuration.

any subscriptions from the existing Edge Transport Server:

  1. Get-EdgeSubscription(note the NAME returned)
  2. Remove-EdgeSubscription NAME

Create a
new subscription file on the Edge server:

  1. New-EdgeSubscription -file

Move the
subscription file to your internal Exchange box.

Add a
new Edge subscription to your Exchange server:

  1. Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport ->
    Create a new Edge Subscription.
  2. Browse to your subscription.xml file. Click New.

Send Connectors

  1. Resubscribing your Edge connection will probably
    reset your Send Connectors. Verify they are as they should be.
  2. I had to reconfigure mine to send
    all mail through my ISP.

Active Directory Data to Edge Transport Server:

  1. Start-EdgeSynchronization (this forces a sync now,
    otherwise it happens automatically every 4 hours)

Communication on Edge machine:

  1. Management Console -> Edge Transport -> Send
    Connectors Tab -> Should contain something like:edgesync – default-first-site-name to internetedgesync – inbound to default-first-site-name

Accepted Domain:

  1. On Edge and Exchange machines, open powershell and
    run Get-AcceptedDomain. Verify they match.

Anti-Spam Content Filtering:

  1. On your edge server, you can modify all the filter
    to suit your needs.

Mailboxes for your Domain Users:

  1. On the Exchange server, Management Console -> Recipient
    Configuration -> Mailbox -> New Mailbox.

*** Note
You may
encounter sync issues within your mailboxes related to OAB (offline address
book) errors. I don’t know how to clear it up immediately, but if you wait up
to 24 hours these issues will resolve themselves.