Watch TV from PS, MCE, iPad or any other DLNA client

I have a interest for automating my home in several ways, lets talk today about how to create a “flexible TV watching experience”.
What did i do/need to create a TV always and anywhere solution?
1x Anysee E30C
1x Ziggo Digital Cable subscribtion include Film1
1x Desktop PC /HomeServer capable for always on.
I have running at home my Windows Home Server 2011 and downloaded the DVBLogic TVSource application.
After the installation configured the Cable source according the manual:

after that i had to update the splug.dll in the %programfiles%DVBLogicDVBLink2Sources{Ziggo}Plugins to enable scrambled channels to be unscrambled.
Now install the network server pack and configure your DVBLink Server Network Pack to listen on ports you want. Change username and password and basics are done!
If you want external access create NAT ports in your router to redirect traffic from internet to your DVBLogic server on the ports you configured. Remember you cant use port redirection as the media stream will fail.
Boot up the PS and you will find on your network a DVBLogic Streaming server available with all the channels.
On a MCE install the DVB Source Client to sync channels between DVB Server and MCE.
For remote access go to your external ip of your router and login. If you login from a iphone or ipad add /iphone behind the link:
These days many TV’s supports DLNA by default, so plug a Ethernet cable or connect TV to WiFi and select DLNA client from your TV.
With this solution i am able to stream my TV from anywhere, any place @ anytime. OK…. Unless my internet connection, or server is down…..