Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

I was installing first my tablet with the new version if Windows 8. Worked amazing.
All the swipes from left for the open programs, from down for settings in the application and from the right for the charms. Then I moved to my laptop, which still doesn’t facilitated with a touch screen. In Windows 7 I used to work a lot with shortcuts from the keyboard and after I installed Windows 8 it affected my experience directly. I was looking for shortcuts to enter a situation directly, and not first move my mouse the the right, waiting for the charms and hit settings for example. Lets take a look how Microsoft has created nice keyboard shortcuts for these functions, some of them we know from earlier versions of Windows:

WINDOWS + X Hidden start menu
WINDOWS + C Opens Charms
WINDOWS + I Settings of the App you’re in
WINDOWS + W Settings of the Computer
WINDOWS + Q Search Applications
WINDOWS + W Search Settings
WINDOWS + R Run box
WINDOWS + T Switch taskbar programs
WINDOWS + U Ease of Access Center
WINDOWS + P Projector or extra screen
WINDOWS + D Show Desktop
WINDOWS + F Search Files
WINDOWS + H Share Charm
WINDOWS + K Open Connect Charm
WINDOWS + L Locks your screen
WINDOWS + B Goes to your notifications bar
WINDOWS + Z Open application bar
WINDOWS + M Minimize all open Programs

With these shortcuts above it allows me to use the keyboard for everything and I do not need a mouse nor a touchscreen.