Monitor Hyper-V Checkpoints with SMA

Some of you might have read the post on how to monitor VM checkpoints (Snapshots) with Orchestrator. A new version on how to monitor it with SMA couldn’t stay left behind. In this blog post we will create a SMA Runbook that will run every morning at 7:00 and look for Checkpoint’s on Virtual Machines. If it found some it will send an e-mail to the specified e-mail group or user / Servicedesk.

Let’s start with the assets we need in this runbook. The runbook doesn’t need any changes if your SMA workers are allowed to send mail trough you hub transport (relaying)

We need assets for:

Role                                       Name                             Type

VMM Server                      VMMServer                    Variable

VMM Credentials              VMMCred                      PSCredentials

Mail Server                         SMTPServer                   Variable

Mail User or Group           SMTPRecipients            Variable

We also need to create a schedule for the runbook to run every morning so we have the report with the coffee.

First download and import this runbook in your environment:

Then run this script to setup the variables, schedule and link the schedule to the runbook:

When we trigger the runbook manually and we have a snapshot created the mail would look like this:


When you don’t have any snapshot we will save data that gets transmitted on the network and no mail will be send. Happy monitoring.