Hard Reset Lync Phone Edition

I was playing around in my lab until suddenly my phone
keeps on rebooting. I don’t know what it was but I had to find out how can I reset this phone??

Lync phone edition you can reset in 2 ways:

1. Hard reset
The Hard Reset lets users delete all user-created data (such as device logs, registry settings, and credentials).

2. Factory reset
The factory reset lets users revert the device back to the last working software version, in the event that the phone is updated to a version that is problematic and causing issues for the users.

And how do we reset them:
A Hard Reset is triggered by holding down * and # during the startup of the device.
Unplug the device. Plug it back in and hold down the keys.

The same procedure above is for the factory reset, but hold down the keys 4 and 6 during booting of the device.

Connected the PoE connecter and directly pressed * & #

A message appears saying do you want to erase all user data?
Hit yes and there you go!
The message for the Factory resets is as follow: