Who owns the assigned Azure Pack public IP Address

Just a quick write up. Last week i had to find a owner of an IP who causes me a lot of headache and also some network interruptions as well. I have done a lot with network virtualization and now environments gets bigger and bigger its hard to find out who owns an external IP by just clicking networks in the console. And now a customer can also specify multiple IP’s in WAP and those are not visible in the VMM console either. So when a customer IP causes a lot of traffic for whatever kind of reason (inbound / outbound) it is important to quickly spot the owner and get in touch to investigate what might be wrong with 1 or more VM’s.

So i wrote a script that takes as input the external IP of the customer who use the public IP from the IP Pool and returns the owner for that IP. Its not super fancy but it does what it needs to do. Get the owner, VM’s, NAT and VPN connections related to that IP you have specified.

You can download the script here

To run it, copy the script to a machine with the VMM Console installed and right click and choose run with PowerShell. Then enter the Public IP address you want to look up:


A couple seconds later you should receive something in the following format:


The output will tell you who is the owner of the IP attached to the VNET. It shows you the VMs on that network using that IP for outbound connectivity. You will see the NAT rules if any is specified and same for VPN Tunnels.

Hope it helps you when you need to map an IP to a customer!